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Where do we come from?

In November 2001 the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Navarre (AJE Navarra) was formed, bringing together in a common cause young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40 inclusive, with enterprises located in Navarre or their managers.

AJE NAVARRA’s main aim is to promote the interests of Navarra’s Young entrepreneurs and to  support the creation of new enterprises, joining the efforts and know-how of all its members and making your journey through entrepreneurship a pleasant, attractive, achievable and unique experience.

At present AJE NAVARRA has over 200 members.

What do we do?

  • If you are under 40
  • If you are a business person or an entrepreneur
  • If you are a manager, executive director, entrepreneur, business person, shareholder...

In AJE Navarra we want to walk with you on the journey towards the creation and growth of your enterprise, by providing information, training, know-how, advice, funding, promotion, experience, business and institutional contacts, a network of over 200 enterprises...

We offer you:

  • You will be able to widen your network and create synergies through initiatives such as AJE’s Networking (-ran), a pioneering project in Spain which was first launched in Navarre and that has reached national level given its great success.
  • We will disseminate and publicize your enterprise for free by using a variety of communication tools developed by AJE Navarra aimed at reaching the greatest possible impact in all types of media. Among them, the on-line Directory of Members, in which each member enterprise is provided with an exclusive on-line area to introduce its enterprise’s info, e-mail other members, send press notes, publish news in our website and our profiles in social networks, promotion campaigns only for members...
  • You will receive continuous and up-to-date information regarding public and private grants, training, business community, other members, technology,... through the  news service in www.ajenavarra.com
  • A team of highly skilled experts that cover the key areas of the enterprise will adviseyou in areas such as the Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD), aids and grants, internationalization, implementation of quality systems… 
  • You will benefit from agreements we have reached with several enterprises associated to AJE Navarra in order to offer you expert advice regarding the most relevant aspects of an enterprise, as well as other relevant institutions in Navarre.
  • You will benefit from exclusive discounts and you will be able to easily submit your own offersto our more than 200 members through our website.
  • You will have Access to specific training programmes, oriented to entrepreneurs and young business people.
  • You will be represented in institutions such as Spanish Confederations of Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE) and the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Navarre (CEN).
  • We manage and promote collective projects to obtain grants and to promote and improve our young entrepreneurs’ activity. 
  • You will be able to easily access business funding especially created to promote entrepreneurship through specific agreements.

Get to know us: www.ajenavarra.com

Join us: http://ajenavarra.com/subete/te-vienes.xhtml



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